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About Us

Welcome to the top integrated media database. It is the top search engine to cater to all your routine and project specific information needs. With you now get to access all consumer information pertaining to education, healthcare, tourist hotspots and top subscription offers under the same roof. With www.dailyjarurat.com, we are here to revolutionize the way consumers search for information on the internet on the web and on mobile. This is our endeavour to centralize all your information needs while budgeting your time, efforts, cost and ease so that you do not have to redirect from a search engine to different SERPs and thus find each bit of information with regard to the above mentioned verticals at one go.

Why go anywhere else for your daily information feed on the same platform?

In other words you are here to experience the plug and play ease and interface in the information revolution. The website is specially dedicate to fulfilling all needs of retail consumerism in education, healthcare, tourism, subscription offers for telephony, internet, direct to home satellite television, top offers on lifestyle, healthcare, personal care, baby care, electronic devices like mobiles, laptops and computers, footwear, fashion and accessories and more.

The Latest Information Updates on What is Hot and What is Not

This is more than a search engine that sends you multiple locations for your requirements. We fulfil your requirement of information for daily functional needs and also for specific time bound personal projects related to career planning, education planning, holiday planning, purchase planning, eat out planning, weekend planning and more. The crux of the matter is that information is power and with all the latest information at the tip of your fingers you will stay updated with latest information so that every decision is a well informed and planned decision.

Procure, Plan and Profit: Information is the Key


In this vast ocean of information it is easy to get lost and confused while separating the useful pieces of information from the redundant. We offer you a centralized platform to procure information, plan your budget, time and efforts and profit from the best possible alternative.