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At www.dalyjarurat.com we take pride in being an information service provider. Our service includes on time delivery of the most specific and precise information on verticals like education, healthcare, personal care, baby care, tourism and holidays, subscription of mobile and web internet, telecom, entertainment, e-tail, fashion, lifestyle and more. Our service delivery model is premised on creating an efficient and hassle free information delivery model that caters to the needs of the modern consumer, who in principle before consuming a product or service consumes information related to the available alternatives and then decides what is best for him.

Product Group Information: Programmable and Non-Programmable

While there is no dearth of websites that cater to individual information requirements, it is hard to target a platform or a website that offers all information about the entire “product group”. In the absence of information with regard to the product group, the consumer is constrained by compulsion not choice. Our services are aimed at offering you the complete gamut of information with regard to the product group that you may be interested in. Our website carries the latest updates on the following verticals and product groups:








Hot Deals

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The characteristic features of our information services about these above mentioned product groups are as follows:

·        Widest penetration

·        In depth coverage

·        Latest and complete updates

·        Trustworthy and reliable

·        Mobile friendly interface


With our information services you get to stay updated on the latest news on product groups that interest you. Whatever be the type of information: vital, essential or desirable, you get streamlined, narrowly defined and precise information that is user friendly and enables you to do more by budgeting time, efforts and money. So be it an all important career shaping exam, admission to the top business school or PSU recruitment or the best deals in fashion and recharges on mobile and internet, you get everything under a single roof.